casette awning feng

Perfection. Design. Shadow.

We wanted to create something never seen before. A awning that went beyond the rules. To break the patterns of our industry forever. A unique design element that can adapt to any architectural context.

general characteristics

  • awning cassette with extendable arms
  • Wall and ceiling installation
  • Tilt from 3° to 45° (35° LED arm)
  • Winding tube 80 mm
  • URBAN arm with DATSystem
  • Optional new URBAN LED arm
  • Optional LED light on cassette
  • Maximum single module size 700x356cm
  • Motorized only
  • AcquaStop System
  • Italian certified stainless steel screws
  • Patented design in all EU countries

hover the cursor over the image and discover FENG and FENG LEDs

Card Back Card Front
Card Back Card Front


Arm and lenght inclanation
wall installation
Closed awning size
Wall (left) or ceiling (right) installation

available colours

White Sablè
Ivory Sablè
Grey Metal Sablè
Graphite Sablè